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Message from the Chair –Autumn 2012

Welcome to our Autumn update—I am happy to see clear skies and cooler temperatures again. Many of you will have had welcome rains, and others all too much rain. March brought 600mm to us here, meaning our orchard of native rainforest trees is thriving, even if our driveway is not! Since our last bulletin, The Art of Native Food, ANFIL’s botanical & indigenous art/native food exhibition was held at the Federation Square atrium in Melbourne. Over a period of 10 days, thousands of people enjoyed the beautiful images and delicious flavours of our key species, learning much more about our amazing native foods. Read more about this unique event, and enjoy some of the images which have been included here. The beautiful artworks of the Art of Native Food are taking to the road—to Adelaide, where they will feature at Tasting Australia 2012 between 26 April and 3 May at the Intercontinental Hotel. We hope you’ll take part in the Feast for the Senses on the River Torrens, or catch the exhibit if you are able to be in Adelaide during this time. As many of you will know who have contributed to this effort, our first ever Industry Stocktake is well on its way to completion. The draft final report is being reviewed, and the principal researcher Michael Clarke has prepared a brief update in this bulletin. Finally, I call your attention to another event which may be of interest—the New Rural Industries 2012 conference is being held in Ballarat 19 & 20 April. The program is outstanding, with all the food for the 2 days to showcase our new rural industries—including 21 different native foods! I’ve included a copy of the menu, designed by Andrew Fielke here. For more information on the conference, go to www.nria.org.au and select the conference option for details of the program. Enjoy this update, and reflect upon everything that is happening in your world. Surely there is something newsworthy that you can share with all of us, whether a comment on the website, and short article for a future bulletin. I look forward to hearing from you. Martha Shepherd Chair


Membership news

Firstly, a warm welcome to our new members:

Gourmet Products from Melbourne Membership is growing fast again so if you are interested in the benefits of an Industry Body and what it can do to take the industry forward please check out our website and download a membership form or contact membership@anfil.org.au

Pepper News from the Southern Outpost

During February and March, I surveyed the pepperberry supply at the many locations around Tasmania from which landowners and growers have harvested for us in the past. The rather dispiriting news is that yields this year will be the smallest for at least 4 or 5 years, at a time when the demand for the product, both in Australia and overseas, is really blossoming. Looking at our harvest figures over the last 15 plus years, one could suggest a ‘two years off, one on’ cycle, though there’s nothing scientific about that. In our own plantation (irrigated) I observed quite a good crop of berries shrivel and drop in the course of two 35°C –plus days in early March, which certainly shows we have to be careful to provide plenty of shading and cooling strategies in pepper plantations. On the other hand, pepper leaf harvest is proceeding well. A wet spring and mild summer have been kind to the trees, and there’s plenty of fresh leaf growth, so new prospects of export demand for leaf extract (a food flavouring agent) shouldn’t pose a problem, while Australian food manufacturers are experimenting and using dried pepper leaf in ever greater amounts. To try to tackle the question of fruit supply, Diemen Pepper has teamed up with another Tasmanian company to fund a young graduate at the University of Tasmania in a PhD study of factors affecting fruit production (especially pollination and fruit set). We look forward to his insights as the investigation proceeds. A recent visit to Diemen Pepper from a Singaporean TV crew who were making a Tasmanian episode of ‘Food Source’, a popular TV food show now in its third season, provided plenty of entertainment for all of us on the farm. The producer was very interested to learn of the variety of other native Australian foods – expect to hear more from Food Source in the future. Chris Read



The Art of Native 

ANFIL’s exhibition of indigenous and botanical artworks plus tables displaying native food products and information.

Held at The Atrium Federation Square, Melbourne From the 2nd – 13th March, 2012

The event was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm by all who came and viewed the paintings and visited us at the table, where we had a display of native food products, cards for sale, plus a sampling of some of the bushfoods, many took cards and information to follow up on websites etc. Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne is a brilliant space for foot traffic and we certainly had that,….many people from chefs and school teachers to garden enthusiasts, young and old, were really interested in what ANFIL is about and has to offer. When samples of products were produced people gathered in abundance. Lots of questions about native food, but the constant question was “where can we purchase the products”. Alison Saunders from RIRDC bought a lot of publications on the work and research that has been done on native food; these publications were constantly read and browsed thru, I’m sure many will follow up with downloads from the website. “The Health Aspects of Native Food” received the most attention. Through this event we have acquired some great media contacts to work on, which for future events, will help a lot with the promotion. Bill from Outback Spirit came Sunday 11th March and set up a stand, he was very pleased with the outcome and sold a lot of product.

The volunteer situation was tricky,more people would have been handy. To offer products for smelling or tasting we need 3 people on hand as we were swamped and one person wasn’t enough. “The Art of Native Food” was accepted as an umbrella event to The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, (there was a financial cost) this festival draws a huge national and international audience….it worked OK for us, but I think a venue such as Fed Square already produces a good crowd as there are a lot of “foodie” events surrounding the area, so we naturally got the spin-off, something to consider if we do such an event next time, without the price ticket. Many people took ANFIL membership forms, hopefully they do follow up and become members.



Woolshed Brewery who make an awesome Wattle seed beer will join Australian Native Bushfoods (Mark Lucas) and Andrew Fielke (catering) and his new Tuckeroo products in this year’s Tasting Australia event in Adelaide later this month, all under the ANFIL industry banner !!.

Participant contacts: www.woolshedbrewery.com.au/ Aust. Native Bushfoods : mlucas1@hotkey.net.au www.tuckeroo.com.au , www.andrewfielke.com

For more details:www.tasting-australia.com.au/ At the same time, the Art of Native Foods Exhibition will reappear in the Foyer of the Intercontinental Hotel, the main hub for all the international media and culinary superstars attending this amazing event

ANFIL at Tasting Australia in 2010

FSANZ Project



New Tuckeroo Joint venture!

Andrew Fielke, founding ANFIL chair (now deputy chair) has joined forces with a large fresh antipasto manufacturer; Pronto E Fresco to launch an exciting new range of 4 dips, 4 antipasto blends, due out in independent supermarkets across the country over the next 2 months, then Coles nationally from July onwards (they will also be contributing to CIFF). 3 crackers, sauces and a couple of spice blends will also start first with the independents. Exciting times ahead we hope!

So go out and support this great native food venture!!

Discussions and analyses continue on this project. Following the first round of results, FSANZ has requested

some additional analyses before they are able to publish the Nutritional Panels and the calculator. These are complete, the results have been submitted and we expect to complete this project well before the June completion date.

Draft Menu – subject to change

NRIA Conference Ballarat 2012 Menu -30th March update Thursday 19th

Morning Tea Coffee Tea Station Lemon Myrtle Tea – Wattle seed Macchiato’s Mini muffin Selection

Quandong Macadamia – Chocolate Muntries – Coconut, Apricot Lemon Myrtle

Davidson Plum Frangipane Tarts

Buffet Lunch Hot Buffet: Bush Tomato Butter Chicken Steamed Alpine Rice – Pappadums Buffalo Sausages – Wild Thyme Onion Confit Kipfler Potato Gratin with Australian Truffle and Pepperleaf Cold Buffet: Rocket, Calendar Goats Fetta & Caramelized Bush Tomato Balsamic Fresh mixed garden leaves with Lemon Aspen Coconut Dressing Sea Parsley Tabouli Roulade of Buffalo Mozzarella & Mixed Antipasto with Saltbush Leaves Pickled Lemon Myrtle Mushrooms Dessert/Cheese: Fresh Tropical Fruits Anne Baxter Buffalo Matured and Yarra Valley Goats Black Savourine Cheeses Spiced Glaceed Quandongs Pepperleaf Parmesan Lavosh & Crusty Breads Coffee and Tea

Afternoon Tea Coffee Tea Station Lemon Myrtle Chai Pumpkin Lemon Myrtle Pasties – Sweet Lemon Myrtle Chilli Sauce Chocolate Muntries Cake

Conference Dinner (Platters style)

Crusty Bread with Sticky Bush Tomato Balsamic and Saltbush Dukkah Mixed Australian Olives

Entrée Tasting Plate Australian Truffle Arancini Crocodile Spare Ribs -Davidson Plum Chilli Glaze Wakame Seaweed Salad – Sashimi Tuna – Sesame Soy & Desert Lime Dressing Yabby with Hot’n’Sour Shot Australian Tea Smoked Duck Breast – Muntries Relish

Main Course Platters to share Tagine of Rabbit -Dates & Sunrise Limes – Cous Cous Kangaroo Fillet Mignon -Sweet Potato Mash – Native Currant Glaze Slow Roast Camel in Honey Soy Pepperleaf Marinade Stir Fry Asian Greens

Dessert Tasting -Cheese Platters to Share Riberry Chocolate Cake -Rainforest Tamarind Coulis Mini Quandong Crumble Pies – Vanilla Bean Strawberry Gum Gelato Olive Oil & Pistachio Semi Freddo – Achacha Compote Strezlecki Blue and Woodside Figaro Goats Cheeses with Caramelized Anise Myrtle Figs & Pepperberry Oatmeal Cookies

Australian Coffee – Chocolate Peppermint Gum Lollipops

Friday 20th

Morning Tea Coffee Tea Station Lemon Myrtle Tea -Wattle seed Macchiato’s Mini muffin Selection

Quandong Macadamia – Chocolate Muntries – Coconut, Apricot Lemon Myrtle

Finger Lime “Caviar” Tartlets

Buffet Lunch

Hot Buffet: Venison, Chestnut & Oyster Mushroom Ragout Murray Cod Cutlets in Mango Lemon Myrtle Marinade Lemon Aspen Tom Yum spiced Chicken Kebabs Kangaroo Koftas with Rivermint Raita Braised Taro and Taro Chips Buttered Saltbush Leaves & Sweet corn

Cold Buffet: Emu Pepperleaf Pate with Crusty Breads Buffalo Mettwurst – Spiced Bush Tomato Relish Semi dried Tomato with Fetta & Rivermint Mixed greens, Roast Baby beets, Hazelnuts & Micro Greens with Woodside Goats Curd Dessert/Cheese: Fresh Tropical Fruits Lady Julia Aged Buffalo & Milawa Goats Camembert & Ceridwen Cheeses with Port Pepperberry Sun Muscats -Pepperleaf Parmesan Lavosh Coffee and tea

Afternoon Tea Coffee Tea Station Lemon Myrtle Chai Red Curry Kangaroo Cocktail Pies Desert Lime & Coconut Tarts


Update for ANFIL Newsletter –3April 2012

Australian Native Food Industry Stocktake

The first ever stocktake of the Australian native food industry is nearly complete. The stocktake addresses wild harvest, cultivation, product forms, uses, industry value, supply chains, manufacturing, markets, Indigenous participation, opportunities and outlook for the RIRDC and ANFIL identified thirteen most important Australian native food species. Emerging native food species are also identified and implications are presented for both R&D and industry strategy. In 2010 the Australian native food industry was small, vibrant and diverse. Gross value of production at the ‘farm gate’ was between $15 million and $25 million and value adding may increase this estimate by up to 500%. Industry employment was estimated at between 500 and 1,000 persons and up to half of these individuals were Indigenous people living in remote communities. The industry is dominated by the production of lemon myrtle and to a lesser extent bush tomato and mountain pepper. Particularly pleasing is the increasing interest shown by mainstream food manufacturers and retailers in Australian native foods. R&D priorities for the period through to 2017 are identified in relation to:

  • Production

  • Post-harvest, food safety and quality assurance

  • Product information and market access

    • Communication, capacity building, extension and industry analysis. Review of draft stocktake findings results in recommendations for industry strategy in relation to:

      • Communication of stocktake findings to government

      • Increasing the membership of ANFIL

      • Developing of new industry partnerships

  • Encouraging information recording and sharing The stocktake recommends a focus on building industry critical mass over the next five years.

Thermomix class goes wild!

Andrew Fielke conducted a very successful Thermomix class in Melbourne recently, attendees blown away with the flavours. Andrew has also reported a nice boost in online sales straight after the event. See the following recipe from Andrew’s class and try out some exciting native food flavours yourself!




200g Prawn shells 20ml Peanut oil 10ml sesame oil 1-2 Red Chillis 15g garlic cloves 50g ginger – sliced

100g spring onions –sliced 50g carrots – sliced 50g celery – sliced 2 stalks lemon grass - sliced

1 heaped dsp tomato paste 1 tsp Tuckeroo Lemon myrtle 2-3 kaffir lime leaves 25g coriander roots – chopped 15g basil leaves 1.2lt fish/chicken stock 25ml fish sauce 50g dark palm sugar 200ml coconut cream

water 20g cornflour

Coconut foam

200ml Coconut cream 100ml Cream ½ tsp Tuckeroo Lemon myrtle 1 leaf gelatine - softened

Yield 1.2 lt approx. 5-6 serves Chop the ginger, garlic & chilli. Sauté in Thermomix for 15mins. @ V100 deg C on speed 1.

Add and cook for 5 mins. @ V 100 deg C on speed 1. When done blend on high speed for a few seconds to puree coarsely

Add and cook for 15 mins. @ 100 deg C on speed 1

Mix enough water into the cornflour to make a thin paste. Pour into soup while simmering. Remove and strain the soup.

Soak the gelatine in iced water 15 mins to soften. Bring the creams and lemon myrtle to the boil, cover and allow to infuse for 5 mins. Dissolve soaked gelatine into the hot cream then strain. Charge with gas and chill. Serve hot soup in tall elegant glasses topped with the cold foam

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